Scrimmage Features Elite Players

Scrimmage features elite players

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It's not often that a team gets to scrimmage midseason, but that was the case on Friday night with the Albemarle and Monticello girls tennis teams. While it offers both teams a breather from district play, it also offered a chance for the top seeds of the Patriots and Mustangs to do battle. While Albemarle completed a 9-0 sweep in the match, Megan Napolitano and Lizzy Gaffney, doubles teammates when school isn't in session, made the most of the get together.

Albemarle's Megan Napolitano eyes a backhand against Monticello's Lizzy Gaffney. Two of the top players in the area, Gaffney and Napolitano met Friday in a scrimmage.

The two engaged in a lengthy battle but when it was all over with Napolitano was able to pull through with a 10-8 victory.

"Lizzy and I have been playing together forever and the competition was awesome," Napolitano said. "I feel like it was dead even."

As a serious Group AA competitor, the Mustangs appreciated the chance to play one of the top Group AAA squads, especially since it featured one of the best AAA players in Napolitano.

"I feel like this will really help us," Gaffney said. "There's not a lot of (elite) competition in our district and hopefully we can learn from this."

1.      Napolitano(A) d. Gaffney 10-8
2.      Lesnoff(A) d. Rives 10-1
3.      Kuhn(A) d. Shaw 10-6
4.      Lord(A) d. Ecenrode 10-3
5.      Ng(A) d. Brooks 10-1
6.      Haines(A) d. Ordell 102

1.      Naploitano/Lesnoff (A) d. Gaffney/Rives 10-3
2.      Kuhn/Ng(A) d. Shaw/Ecenrode 10-6
3.      Lord/Henry(A) d. Brooks/Ordell 10-2


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