McLaughlin, Fowler Awards Top 2011 All-James River District Football Release

McLaughlin, Fowler awards top 2011 All-James River District football release

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The 2011 All-James River District football squad as selected by district coaches was released Monday morning. Here’s the complete team. This was clearly one of the top Group A districts in the state, with a state finalist (Goochland), a semifinalist (Amelia) and a rock solid Buckingham squad.

Offensive player of the year: A.J. Royal, Amelia, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: Jess McLaughlin, Goochland, Sr.

Coach of the year: Joe Fowler, Goochland

First team Offense

Center: Zach Worrell, Amelia, Sr.

Offensive line: Andre Royal, Amelia, Sr.; Jalen Jones, Amelia, Jr.; Thomas Midkiff, Buckingham County, Sr.; Pasquale Graziosi, Goochland, Jr.

Tight end: Tavon Williams, Randolph-Henry, Sr.

Wide receiver: Taylor Ward, Amelia, Sr.; Cam Johnson, Buckingham County, Jr.; Khari Jenkins, Randolph-Henry, Sr.

Quarterback: Tarian Ayers, Buckingham County, Sr.

Running back: Kenneth Johnson, Buckingham County, So.; Patrick Clore, Goochland, Sr.; Dontae Bournes, Amelia, Sr.

Kick specialist: Colby Cooke, Goochland, Sr.

Return specialist: Kyree Koonce, Buckingham, Fr.

Utility player: A.J. Royal, Amelia, Sr.

Second team Offense

Center: Josh Driver, Goochland, Jr.

Offensive line: Justin Mles, Buckingham, Jr.; Rye Neidhammer, Goochland, Jr.; JaQwan Dodson, Nottoway, Sr.; Tyler Gull, Randolph-Henry; Justin Hicks, Central Lunenburg

Tight end: Neal Evans, Central Lunenburg

Wide receiver: L.A. Briley, Buckingham County, Sr.; Curtis Hurte, Nottoway, Sr.; RaShawn Sims, Cumberland, Sr.

Quarterback: Cody Johnson, Goochland, Sr.

Running back: Brandon Townsend, Central Lunenburg, Sr.; Mitchell Brice, Goochland, Jr.; Colby Branch, Nottoway, Sr.

Kick specialist: Alton McCrimmon, Central Lunenberg, Sr.

Return specialist: Dontae Bournes, Amelia, Sr.

Utility player: Dontae Eubanks, Randolph-Henry Jr.

First team defense

Defensive end: Jalen Jones, Amelia, Jr.; Matthew Haller, Goochland, Sr.

Defensive linemen: DeMar Wingo, Amelia, Sr.; Antonio Coleman, Jr.; Johntha’ Henderson, Amelia, Sr.; Chase Nuckols, Goochland, Sr.

Linebackers: Jess McLaughlin, Goochland, Sr.; Tariq Bartee, Buckingham County, Jr.; Sam Haskins, Amelia, Sr.; Dontae Bournes, Amelia, Sr.

Defensive backs: Zakell Johnson, Goochland, Sr.; Cam Johnson, Buckingham County, Jr.; Quentin Hite, Amelia, Sr.; Tre’von Garland, Sr.

Punter: Thomas Meadows, Goochland, Sr.

Second team defense

Defensive end: Devin Smith, Buckingham County Jr.; Divontea McLaughlin, Goochland, Sr.

Defensive linemen: Jeffrey Holland, Goochland, Sr.; Josh Kitt, Goochland, Jr.; Jamar Blackwell, Central Lunenburg; Jackson Knott, Ranolph-Henry

Linebackers: Nathan Adams, Goochland, Jr.; Michael Warren, Central Lunenburg; Elliott Dickens, Nottoway, Sr.; Kevin McCargo, Ranolph-Henry, Sr.

Defensive backs: L.A. Briley, Buckingham County, Sr.; Tarian Ayers, Buckingham County, Sr.; Dasheem Norris, Goochland, Sr.; Jake Martin, Goochland, Sr.

Punter: Michael Warren, Central Lunenburg, Sr.

Goochland Honorable Mention

RB:  Jake Martin

OL:  Roger Stone

DE:  Vince Stratton

LB:  Scott Pearce

DB:  Mason Engel

KR:  Mason Engel

WR: Nathan Adams

Buckingham Honorable Mention to come

WR: Landon Allen

WR: Jesse Hickman

RB: Kyree Koonce

OL: Justin Miles

OL: Ryan Jones

OL: William Perkins-Goode

DL: Cody Herndon

Center: Colby Taylor

DE: Laysean Hearns


What a joke

Jrd selections are a joke.

Great Job Bulldogs! Go Jess

Great Job Bulldogs! Go Jess Mclaughlin!! <3

Go Goochland Bulldogs!!!!!

Awesome Job Bulldogs!!!....Way to go Mitchell Brice #9!!!!!!!!!!!

Re:What a Joke

Yeah...JRD was def a joke this year. Two teams in the state semis. With Goochland and Amelia, then Buckingham, and Central Lunenburg who had their own run nearing the state finals in Division 1. Yeah..hahaha real joke

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