All-Region II 2011 Football Team Released

All-Region II 2011 football team released

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The 2011 All-Region II football squad as selected by Region II coaches was released Monday morning. Here’s the complete team. A number of Jefferson District standouts earned honors.

Offensive player of the year: Austin Nelson, Heritage, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: Wyatt Teller, Liberty-Bealeton, Jr.

First team Offense

Center: Sam Marshall, Monticello, Jr.

Guard: Travis Buzzo, Liberty Bealeton, Sr.; Derek Dowrey, John Handley, SR.

Tackle: Andrew Christovich, Powhatan, Sr.; Justin Baker, Briar Woods, Sr.

Tight end: Cam Serigne, Briar Woods, Jr.

Wide receiver: Marcus Finney, Heritage, Sr.; Sam Patterson, Monticello, Sr.

Quarterback: Austin Nelson, Heritage, Sr.

Running back: Isaac Robinson, Monticello, Sr.; Ray Brown, Powhatan, Sr; Joe Ojo, Sherando, Sr.

Kick specialist: David Clements, Briar Woods, Sr.

Return specialist: Alex Carter, Briar Woods, Sr.

Player at large: Joshua Taspcott, Kettle Run, Jr.

Second team Offense

Center: Austin Kirkpatrick, Loudoun County, Sr.

Guard: Trei Germany, Briar Woods, Jr.; Hunter VanMeter, Sherando, Sr.

Tackle: James Potts, Liberty Sr., A.J. Bolden, Millbrook, Jr.

Tight end: Mel Savarese, James Wood, Sr.

Wide receiver: Ryan McCarter, Park View, Sr.; Darius Stanford, Fauquier, Sr.

Quarterback: Mac Graham, Kettle Run, Sr.

Running back: Cory Colder, Briar Woods, Jr.; Joshua Tapscott, Kettle Run, Jr.; Antonio Rutherford, Loudoun County, Sr.

Kick specialist: Chandler DeHaven, James Wood, Sr.

Return specialist: Joshua Tapscott, Kettle Run, Jr.

First team defense

Defensive end: Wyatt Teller, Liberty Bealeton, Jr.; Mark Leith, Briar Woods, Sr.

Defensive linemen: Derek Dowrey, John Handley, Sr.; Justin Baker, Briar Woods, Sr;  Austin Kirkpatrick, Loudoun County, Sr.

Linebackers: Ben Messina, Loudoun County, Sr.; Matt Rolin, Briar Woods, Sr.; Gage Steele, Warren County, Sr.; John Piette, Kettle Run, Sr.

Defensive backs: Alex Carter, Briar Woods, Sr.; Mike Lee, Liberty Bealeton, Sr.; Norris Goode, Powhatan, Jr.; Daquanta Pannell, John Handley, Sr.

Punter: Boomer Kaczmarzewski, Millbrook, Sr.

Second team defense

Defensive end: Chris McDaniel, John Handley, Sr.; Sam Patterson, Monticello, Sr.

Defensive linemen: Andrew Christovich, Powhatan, Sr.; DeAndre Johnson, Millbrook, Sr.; Hunter VanMeter, Sherando, Sr.

Linebackers: Alex Higuchi, Powhatan, Sr.; Dexter Sloane, John Handley, Sr.; Mark Bean, James Wood, Sr.; Austin Ellis, Western Albemarle, Sr.

Defensive backs: Boomer Kaczmarzewski, Millbrook, Sr.; D.J. Whitney, Kettle Run, Jr.; Jamal Hill, Briar Woods, Sr.; Daniel Kuzjak, Western Albemarle, Jr.

Punter: Steven Lumsden, Potomac Fals, Jr.


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Shouldn't there be a second guard on second team?

Plus, I'd like to say that Skyline, regardless of having a losing season (4-6), should have had two second-teamers on defense. I understand playoff teams usually load up on the first team and the players that made it there deserved it anyway by the way they played during the season (I saw most of them play). Still, DE Nick Helmick and LB Zach Blair should have been second-team selections. Both are juniors and hopefully they will get EVERYONE's attention next year so they can secure a spot. A district title might help too!

Guard situation fixed.

Apologies. Left off Sherando's guard.


How is Andre Mealy of Louisa not on this list?

Rushing...No Mealy?

I can see Issac Robinson getting a top nod, but Andre' Mealy was 2nd in rushing yards and NOTHING??!! Who does the voting in this, Monticello officials? I cannot believe that nobody from Louisa was on the list. John "JD" Dennis also deserved a nod. Come on guys!

A lot depends on who goes to meeting


Thanks for including the second guard. It was a player from up my way.

Anyway, Louisa not having selections like Mealy and Dennis was probably due to the Lions coach not making the meeting. Just a theory, because I do not know that for fact (the coach attending the meeting or not). It's just that, at least in the past and I haven't heard different since, the top three teams from each district were allowed to send their coaches to the Region II meeting. If that still holds, then I imagine Powhatan, Monticello, and Western Albemarle represented at the meeting from the Jefferson. Louisa finished fourth after losing its last regular season game to Western Albemarle. The top three teams combined for only 11 picks (five for Powhatan, four for Monticello, and two for Western Albemarle), so it looks like the Dulles cleaned up on a lot of the selections. Even Sherando, the team Louisa beat in a thrilling overtime playoff game, had only three spots (two by one player). Louisa just had some tough luck. A lot of good players just didn't make the cut. Skyline can feel your pain.

The jefferson district was

The jefferson district was terribly weak this year, surprised they had anybody on the list......

thats crazy

you really can't name a better two players that can line up and stop thowes two coach or no coach other coaches should know whoes better john jd dennis and andre mealy was so cheated out of there names

Great pics

Glad to see that Austin Nelson and Wyatt Teller got player of the year honors and that the media didn't go with overhyped players from certain schools. Way to go.

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